Poverty Research Insights, Fall 2006

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Welfare Reform, Ten Years Later. Ron Haskins, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution and Senior Consultant, Annie E. Casey Foundation (p. 1)

Call for Papers: The Impact of Religion and Faith-Based Organizations on the Lives of Low Income Families (p. 7)

Mixed Methods Research on Economic Conditions, Public Policy, and the Well- Being of Families and Children. Ariel Kalil, Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago; Hiro Yoshikawa, Graduate School of Education, Harvard University (p. 8)

Postdoctoral fellowships(p. 11)

The Re-entry to Recidivism Cycle: NPC Workshop Focuses on Promising Demonstration Projects. Jessica Wyse, University of Michigan (p. 12)

Upcoming Research Conference: Income Volatility and Implications for Food Assistance Programs II (p. 13)

The NPC Visiting Scholars Program (p. 13)

Call for Proposals, 2007 Small Grants Program (p. 13)


Poverty Research Insights

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