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Housing Assistance and Disconnection from Welfare and Work: Assessing the Impacts of Public Housing and Tenant-based Rental Subsidies Andrea Hetling, Rutgers
Hilary Botein, Baruch College (2012-8)

Liquidity Constraints, Household Wealth, and Entrepreneurship Revisited Robert W. Fairlie, University of California Santa Cruz and RAND, and Harry A. Krashinsky, University of Toronto (2011-29)

Housing Instability and Health: Findings from the Michigan Recession and Recovery Study Sarah A. Burgard, University of Michigan, Kristin S. Seefeldt, Indiana University, and Sarah W. Johnson, University of Michigan (2011-23)

Cause or Consequence? Suburbanization and Crime in U.S Metropolitan Areas Paul A. Jargowsky, University of Texas at Dallas; Yoonhwan Park, University of Texas at Dallas (2008-12)

Lessons from Hurricane Katrina: A Natural Experiment of the Effect of Residential Change on Recidivism David S. Kirk (2008-10)

Effects of Neighborhood Characteristics on the Mortality of Black Male Youth: Evidence from Gautreaux. Mark E. Votruba, Jeffrey R. Kling. (2008-03)

The Social Costs of Concentrated Poverty: Externalities to Neighboring Households and Property Owners and the Dynamics of Decline. George C. Galster, Wayne State University; Jackie M. Cutsinger, Wayne State University; and Ron Malega, University of Georgia (2006-42)

Race, Place and Poverty Revisited Michael A. Stoll, UCLA (2006-14)

Moving from Public Housing to Homeownership: Perceived Barriers to Program Participation and Success. Anna M. Santiago and George C. Galster, Wayne State University. (2003-06)