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Growing Wealth Gaps in Education Fabian Pfeffer, University of Michigan (2016-6)

Inequality and Mobility using Income, Consumption, and Wealth for the Same Individuals Jonathan Fisher, Stanford University, David Johnson, University of Michigan, Jonathan Latner, University of Bremen, Timothy Smeeding, University of Wisconsin, and Jeffrey Thompson, Federal Reserve Board of Governors (2016-2)

Wealth Disparities before and after the Great Recession Fabian T. Pfeffer, Sheldon Danziger, and Robert F. Schoeni, University of Michigan (2013-5)

Familial Financial Assistance to Young Adults Patrick Wightman and Robert Schoeni, University of Michigan and Keith Robinson, University of Texas at Austin (2012-10)

The Credit Market Consequences of Job Displacement Benjamin J. Keys, University of Michigan (2009-08)

Temporary Help Agencies and the Advancement Prospects of Low Earners. Fredrik Andersson, Harry J. Holzer, and Julia Lane. (2007-25)

The Incidence Of Poverty Across Three Generations Of Black And White Immigrants In The Post Civil Rights Era: Assessing The Impacts Of Race And Ancestry Amon Emeka, Department of Sociology, University of Southern California. (2006-17)

The Consequences of Recent Job Growth on Older Low Income Workers William M. Rodgers III, Rutgers University. (2006-06)